Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Subliminal Persuasion

Four and a half months of watching Garfield finally got to us...Finally, I caved and HAD to have lasagna, at any cost!  We've tried various restaurants out and about, but none of them made it right.  I've been resisting any thought of making it myself because it's just too daunting in a kitchen that is void of both ingredients and cooking paraphernalia.  I must brag that I'm very proud of myself for successfully tackling this monumental task, and even making an apple pie to boot! 

Of course, we had to substitute a few things: Yoghurt and Laughing Cow cheese instead of ricotta/cottage cheese in the lasagna, and with no rolling pin the pie dough had to be hand-pressed.  Everything turned out beyond delicious--probably just because these flavors have been lost to us for so long.  It was also extremely satisfying to eat a meal I made myself.

In other news...We are currently settling back into "normal" life after a very nice, albeit busy, visit from Owen's family.  We packed in really full days with no allotment for nap time, but the kids really handled it well; and of course they loved having an extra 3 people around to dote on them.  There's just something special about grandpas and grandmas and aunts.  We saw pretty much the entire country of Jordan in a week!  Maybe I'll share some highlights another day...        

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  1. You've been watching Garfield for four and a half months? That'd make a lasagna craver out of anybody. Good for you for taking matters into your own hands!

    And yay for a good dose of grand-parenting. That will lift anybody's spirits!