Friday, August 26, 2011

On A Personal Note

It's one of those seasons of life, for me, when the path is lonely and leads always, unyieldingly uphill.  The path is so narrow it seems to impose itself upon me, offering no choice of direction.  And when I think I've reached the steepest part, I struggle over, to find yet one more summit steeper still.  Sometimes, the way just seems impossible.  Sometimes, I just feel stuck.  But I know that God still leads, and I know that these are times of strengthening.  I've been told, quite often, that I am strong, but truth be told, I am tired of striving to be strong.  Sometimes, I just want to rest. 

God is good, and somehow, we'll make it through.


  1. Dear Angela,

    are you guys coming home soon?
    I know you will be in Michigan with your family. But I really would love to see you guys. I hope that can work out somehow. Maybe we can meet half way sometime.
    I can relate so much to what you are saying. You expressed it so well.
    Peace and prayers your way.
    (By the way, we will be at Notre Dame for one more year.)

  2. Hi Manuela,
    Yes, we are coming home in a couple days (sans Owen)! I have very mixed emotions about it, but overall we are ready. We would love to see you! I'll have to send you an email when we get settled in. And thank you for your empathy--it does help to know we're not alone in a trying stage of life :).