Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hope is such a powerful thing...I think, it really makes or breaks a person, what kind of hope they have.

Of course, our greatest hope should always be in the Lord, who will never fail and always exceed.

And it is He who gives us the "life" hopes, the things that inspire us and ignite a passion and get us excited to wake to face another day.  The hopes, be they little or big, that fill life with meaning and purpose.  Hope really does lift one's soul like a balloon rising on the wind, away from bondage and care.

Tonight, I am feeling hopeful.  It is a hope that is securely attached to hard, difficult work, but also reality--as in, my dreams can be realized, if I remain disciplined.  Here's my resolve: to grab hold of that balloon of hope and see to what heights the wind might blow!


  1. Angela, your writing is so beautiful! I always enjoy your posts. Powerful thoughts so well-expressed...thank you!
    -Annie Reed

  2. Thank you, Annie! Your kind words mean so much, and I'm glad that you've enjoyed reading!