Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fabric and Furniture

This is what I did today:


I tackled my first upholstery job!  Now, I know there were probably WAY more important things I should have done, BUT, in my defense:
a) This has been a long-standing project on my To-Do list (I'm talking years).
b) I was MOTIVATED to do it today--and I'm beginning to realize about myself, that if I don't do what I'm motivated to do, I tend to flop aimlessly around and do nothing of consequence.
c) It was in desperate need of attention.  Safita has grown very attached to this chair and sits in it several times a day, but every time she does, the frame falls apart and the cloth sags through the broken seat support to the floor, and it's just a big mess.  It was time to fix it before it became un-fixable.

A very small Jack, excited about the chair when we first acquired it at an antique fair.
So, the kids and I tracked down the nearest Jo-Anns and survived the crazy crowds (the place was crawling like it was Black Friday!) to get our supplies, and spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the chair frame and re-upholstering the cushions.  It wasn't actually difficult, to my surprise and relief--just a little time-consuming.  But, since the quote I had gotten from a professional was encroaching on $200, and I got it done myself for $30, I'd say it was well worth the time and effort!

Now, the old, mustardy yellow vinyl is a super-soft, lightly ribbed, soothing gray microfiber.  The arms and legs of the chair are sturdy and don't fall apart when touched, and the seat doesn't sag!  It's pretty amazing.


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  1. I love the chair. It looks beautiful! Glad you are all getting settled in your new place.