Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inspiration in the Mundane

As I was driving home from errands today, passing by some distant neighbors on our road, I saw the coolest thing:

An old man in his wheelchair, in the middle of his yard, weed-whacking!

It was so inspirational to me, because probably most elderly people (or even younger people) who are confined to wheel chairs would think to themselves, "I can't do that," and leave it to someone else.  And that would be totally justifiable!  Who knows what his story is, but he was determined to not be confined or limited by his circumstances, and that is exceptional. 

I wanted to stop and cheer him on with a "Way to go!"...then wondered if I should instead offer to help...but with 3 tired kids in the car and 2 of them crying and a trunk full of perishable groceries, I resigned to cheer silently from behind the tinted windows of my minivan...re-inspired to be creative in the difficulties I face. 

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