Monday, June 20, 2011

Languishing for Language

I love how God provides. 

Last night, I was feeling so frustrated and sad about having no opportunity for learning Arabic while here, and feeling a desperate need to learn.
Today, a sweet, friendly Jordanian girl named Alaa who studies in the ACOR library offered to teach me Arabic and took a good deal of time out of her day to do so. 

So, thank you God, and thank you Alaa.


  1. Dear Angela,
    I've been reading your blog and wanted to let you know how impressed I am by what you are experiencing! So cool. Your kids are adorable and you are such a beautiful mommy! =)
    Have a blessed week with many more chances to learn Arabic!
    Love, Inka

  2. Thank you, Inka, for such kind words! I hope someday soon we can reunite and have our kids meet!

  3. That would be wonderful! Anyplace other than Jordan would be fine with me - I don't think I could cope with those kind of spiders and bugs. I am shivering all over just by looking at the pictures! =)