Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life with Non-Humans

Lately, we've had some unwelcome non-human guests taking up residence in our apartment.  Bugs are part of life, and I'm not usually queezy about them.  However, I do not like them in my house and WILL declare war on them if they attempt to co-exist. 

Today, however, I'm feeling a little wigged out.  As I was doing laundry, one of these nasty creatures wriggled out of some folds of cloth:

It appears to be some sort of desert centipede.  From cursory investigation, it does not seem to be poisonous.  They don't bite, but they do pinch.  Regardless, it's not something I want creeping around my house, especially when there are 2 tender children about. The one I found was about 4 inches long.

It reminds me of the two camel spiders we found in our apartment a couple weeks ago...Normal spiders don't bother me, but these things are freaky just because they're so HUGE.  Again, I don't think they're poisonous, but they can bite. 

This picture shows two spiders connected, but they're still big!
Needless to say, I've been vigilantly checking under sheets and blankets and beds before we go to sleep at night.  A 6-inch long pinching centipede or a melon-sized biting spider are not particularly things I'd like to find myself cuddling in the middle of the night!

I'm just praying we don't ever find any snakes, because that--that would legitimately freak me out.

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