Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Chair

Jack had one of those testy-two's sorts of days.  In one particular instance, he'd done something that wasn't really a huge deal, but it was disobedient enough to warrant a time out.  If he had just cooperated, he would have spent one harmless minute in time out and been off to play as he wished, BUT...He kicked and screamed and refused to stay in the chair, so that every time he got out of it, the time out was prolonged by another minute (and some other forms of discipline may have been necessary as well).  He riled himself into quite a mess.

In the middle of our fifth time out, or so, I found myself speaking convictingly to myself as I instructed my son, "You are prolonging your discipline by your own disobedience.  If you would just obey and stay in the chair, the discipline would be over so fast!"

Too often I find myself constantly dealing with the same old issue and thinking, "Why is God STILL teaching me this?  I get the point!"  But maybe, I'm just not staying in the chair.
I'm going to try harder to be still.

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  1. You know, Angela, you are very wise. Great insight.