Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Belly, Belly, Start to Swelly!

As it turns out, it's time to start growing this belly again!

4 weeks, more or less

Yes, Sirs and Ma'ams--we're having our Baby Number Three!  And we couldn't be more excited!

We figured it was time to just make the announcement official, since word's been spreading already, and since it's getting hard to hide this belly anymore!  I'm somewhere around 6 weeks along right now. 

Again, at about 4 weeks...told you it was hard to hide!

I know the questions you're all thinking (based on the questions I've been receiving), so I'll try to knock out some answers as best I can!

Q:  When are you due?
A: Unofficially, around the last week of March, 2013.  I'll update if anything changes!

Q: How many babies are in there?!
A: Who knows!  But as far as we know, just one.  I just happen to be efficient at growing babies!  I would love twins, someday...Jack told me he thought we should have 5 babies in my belly...I guess we'll see :).

Q: Are you hoping for a boy or girl?
A: Equally either.  Both would be equally fun for different reasons, so we're happy that the decision isn't ours!  Jack, on the other hand, has his heart set on a baby girl and calls her by the name we've chosen.  He will not even hear of the option that this baby could be a boy.  When asked why, he's communicated that girls are cute and sweet, and he wants another sister just like the one he has, because he loves her so much.  Isn't that precious?

Q: Are you planning to find out the baby's gender?
A: We're not sure yet...Having one of each reduces the practical need to prepare by stockpiling appropriate clothes...and it would be fun to have a surprise!...BUT, with the first two we also really enjoyed being able to bond with them while still in the womb, to call them by name and get to know them before we saw them.  So, we don't know yet. 

Q: Are the kids excited?
A: They couldn't be more!  Both of them had been asking and asking for another baby in our family for some months, especially with the arrival of cousin Baby Ava.  They both have tender, sweet, nurturing spirits, and they love each other to death, so to them the idea of another baby is just the greatest thing on earth!  Jack's reaction when I told him the news was pricessless: pure joy!  He tells everyone we see, with great pride, that mommy has a baby in her belly (it's hard to keep a secret!).  They both love to gently stroke my belly or "tickle" the baby, or talk to him/her.  And they practice baby care with their little dolls.

Q: Are you planning to have another home birth?
A: If we can help it--Absolutely.  Having a home birth was the most incredible experience, and so peaceful for all of us, that I wouldn't give it up for the world!  It's hard finding midwives in Northern Michigan, and it didn't look promising for a while--so that we even seriously considered commuting to Indiana to see our last midwife, or even moving!--but God worked it all out and we found a fabulous midwife here that we really like!

Q: Are you sharing name ideas?
A: Hmmm...this is a tricky one.  If we share, will you all promise not to steal our ideas??? Haha.  As I mentioned, the girl name has been picked out for a while, but the boy name is still being deliberated over.  We'll see how we feel about sharing when they're both chosen. 

Q: Was this a planned pregnancy?
A: A very intimate question--how shocking that you asked!  Well, we've been longing for another baby for some time, but were waiting for certain challenging life situations to clear up.  I'll just say this: It was neither planned nor unplanned, but God surprised us with His perfect timing! 

Q: How are you feeling?
A: So far, I'm doing okay!  I am experiencing the typical exhaustion and occasional forgetfulness, and of course increased appetite!  This past week and a half the nausea has hit, unfortunately, but so far it's manageable.  I'm trying to still keep up with running, so I think that's helping overall.  So, predictions, anyone??  With Jack, I had no sickness.  With Safita, I was really sick.  Anyone want to wager??? 

Anyone have any questions I didn't address?  Shoot away!

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