Monday, June 25, 2012

We've Got the Fever, Baby!

Our kids have been eagerly desiring another addition to our family for some months now, and our baby itch has definitely exploded into baby fever (yes, parents included!) since the recent birth of our new little niece/cousin, Baby Ava. 

Jack has names picked out for a boy and a girl, but definitely wants the next baby to be a girl, because girls are cute and sweet.  What a sweet compliment to his sister!  Safita has been doing lots of practicing on her baby doll, cradling her and kissing her and dressing her; and she also practices burping almost anyone whose back she can reach.  

Jack is a great protector and teacher, kind and patient and gentle.  A couple of times in social settings, I've seen him interact with younger children, and he's so gentle and uses that sweet higher-pitched voice that we adults often use with young ones.  He is smitten with babies, and loves to get right down and play with them.  Safita is a sweet little mother and LOVES any baby, anywhere...she will just sit and stare and poke for as long as you'll let her.  Her mothering instincts overflow even to Jack and me (I exclude Daddy only because he's usually at work when this is going on) throughout the day, when she'll randomly come and stroke our hair, or rub our backs, or kiss us on the shoulder or head.

One of my favorite recent responses from Jack regarding a baby happened several days ago:  I had eaten a hearty meal at dinner, and was joking to Owen how my belly looked like I was 4 months pregnant (I'm not).  Jack immediately ran in from the other room with wild excitement in his eyes, flung himself into a hug around my waist, and looked up with wide eyes and a huge can't-contain-my-excitement grin, exclaiming, "You're four months pregnant?!  Are you?!  Are you pregnant???!!!"  Oh, melt my heart!  I can't tell you how deeply it encourages my heart that both of my children eagerly long for more siblings to love!  They are sweet, sweet souls, these two.  And THEY ignite an even greater excitement within me, to see what another precious soul from "our" womb will be like. 

So, I just have to share this adorable video--I know it's a little long--of the kids (mostly Jack) with their new baby cousin.  It's so sweet, a memory I'll always treasure, and am so thankful it was caught on video!  


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