Thursday, June 7, 2012

Butterfly Blessing

I know I've been MIA for a while...not just in blogland, but in many areas...I'm just taking some time to refocus and reorganize the important things in life.  God is definitely blessing the time, and there are good things to come!

This post isn't about anything deeply meaningful, just a small, ordinary blessing in an ordinary day:

Two days ago, we discovered a beautiful butterfly, badly hurt with torn wing and unable to move.  We took it home as our "pet butterfly"--the kids were very excited!  The poor little butterfly clung for its life to its stick while we examined it, oooh-ed over it, the kids waved it around...

Then we placed it on our flowering plant, its new home, and hoped it would survive.  I think we even prayed for it!

The next morning, the poor butterfly looked convincingly dead.  It was sad, but expected.  We just left it on the plant to deal with later.  But--later--Jack was playing out on the balcony and suddenly exclaimed, "Our butterfly is on the porch!"  Sure enough, it was ALIVE!  And WELL!  And it could FLY!!!  We took another round of pictures before the beauty fluttered back to his plant home, and we watched him drink his nectar dinner.

Today, our butterfly friend is gone.  But the joy of knowing we helped save his little life is so rewarding, we barely miss him.  This is just one of the little treasures God has sent our way lately, and we feel blessed.

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