Saturday, July 28, 2012

Minivan Madness!

We are now the proud new members of the minivan club!  I never thought that would be quite so exciting...and yet it is.

It's all ours!
Isn't it a beauty?

Our minivan journey started long ago, pre-children, when we were staunchly opposed to the ownership of minivans.  We knew we'd someday need a bigger vehicle, but there abounded plentiful options in the much cooler category of SUVs--definitely the modern family choice.

The kids on the way to pick it up (in Ohio!)--they were so excited and did great on the trip!
Along came Baby, and our car began to feel slightly cramped, and we started looking at other options just for fun.  The Honda Odyssey appeared at the top of every "Top Family Vehicles" list we saw, both for safety and convenience, but we found it easy to overlook in favor of our other favorites (which tended to be second on the lists--not bad).

Along came Baby #2, and our car began to feel unbearably cramped, frustratingly claustrophobic.  We began to look more seriously at other options, but just couldn't fit it in the budget, and so a more spacious vehicle became a dear, though far-off, dream!

The longer we endured the frustrating cramped-ness of our beloved-but-small car, the more the idea of a minivan began to chip away at my hardened resolve.  I still preferred to look into SUVs...but as I discreetly checked out various models in parking lots and on the road, I started to wonder about the practicality, and if they would really give us the space we needed.

Interior views!  It's so spacious and well-laid-out!

Then one day, a local auto dealership lured us in with promises of great deals and free prizes!  We knew we couldn't buy at the time, but went anyway, just in case...And they showed us a minivan.  We touched it, we climbed inside, the kids ran up and down the center aisle, I moved freely about assisting with their needs...Center aisles; in-floor storage...That was it--I was sold.  The kids were even more sold.

For months, I chipped away at Owen to convince him that our needs required specifically a minivan, and an SUV just simply would not suffice.  Slowly but surely, we began thinking in that direction, and non-committaly perused the options driving alongside us on the roads.

Can you believe it has video system???  This is an AWESOME perk!
After months and months (or even years) of pondering, we concluded that we wanted a Honda Odyssey, though we hadn't yet test-driven one.  So, this past Monday, we finally went to test drive one so we'd know if we liked it as much as we thought, and would be ready to buy it when needed and when we found a good deal.  We immediately fell in love!

Then a crazy week ensued:
Monday night: scoured the internet for deals...and found the PERFECT one for a great deal!!!
Tuesday: made a purchase agreement (pending inspection) over the phone and arranged funds
Wednesday: drove to Akron, OH to check out this awesome van, and kept it overnight to test
Thursday: had the van inspected by a trusted mechanic, finalized purchase, and drove home!

Other than the fact that Jack wanted a dark blue minivan (fyi, I wanted white! and the video system made up for his disappointment in color), we all are simply overjoyed, amazed, and thankful for God's provision to us in this way. Now I can't help but look around when I'm driving, and when seeing other minivan drivers, project camaraderie-ly thoughts in their direction: "Yeah, I have a minivan too.  We're cool." 

This van is so much more to me than a car.  It represents years (literally) of prayers answered and hopes and dreams realized.  It is an unbelievable fulfillment of one aching need that seemed impossible, that seemed would require a miracle.  This van means to me God's awesome provision and power to work miracles, and has been incredibly faith-building.  See?  Even minivans can be sanctified for God's glory!

Yay for minivans! 

See you on the road!


  1. Ha ha! Welcome to the crowd! Had the same feelings of "Ick!" a long time ago and now I'll never go back. Such a great vehicle. Ours is an Odyssey too.

  2. I know--when we visited you so long ago, I was already in secret spy mode, and was discreetly checking out YOUR van too! :) They are great, we're still in Cloud 9!