Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chasing Opportunity

An opportunity has recently presented itself...An opportunity which may very well turn out to be wildly beneficial to us.  But which may, also, not. 

I'm being vague on purpose.  With my sincerest apologies.

The opportunity to which I refer is something that seems, to our logical minds, in our current situation, to be necessary and wise; but we also clearly see how it could be convincingly argued to the contrary.  We are diligently praying for God's wisdom, and praying equally earnestly that we have the clarity of spirit to discern His wisdom, because what we're presented with would feel (i.e., not be in actuality, merely a temporary soothing) like one step closer to the fulfillment of the deep longings of our hearts (and sometimes that clouds our minds).

This is not something that we can control by our own decisions, however, and so we continue to wait on God and see what He will bring about.  Many impossible-seeming events must happen between our current state and this opportunity becoming reality.  Opportunities are exciting, but only God can bring them to fruition, and we wait expectantly to see how He will choose to provide.  Perhaps, at times, too expectantly!

We welcome and thank you in advance for your prayers on our behalf in this--albeit vague--matter!   

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