Friday, July 27, 2012

Superheros vs. Stewarding Time

Yesterday, we were in a store and found a cute Batman cape shirt that Jack fell in love with...but it was incredibly overpriced, so we decided to try making our own.  Jack has actually been in a huge Captain America kick, so we changed it up a bit to suit our preferences. 

look at those muscles!

Earlier, I was feeling bad about wasting so much time on this project today...I had started to wonder why I let myself get sidetracked on these "unimportant" projects when I have so much "important" work to do...

When I showed Jack the finished project, his reaction was priceless: his face lit up with a huge, elated, can't-believe-it's-true, open-mouthed, teeth-baring grin, and after several seconds of such frozen grin, exclaimed with equal parts excitement and deep sincerity, "Thank you, Mommy!  Thank you, Mommy!...Thank you, Mommy!!"  And he ran to give me a gigantic, thankful hug. 

Count me reminded.   I think this was the most important thing I did all day. 

A sleepy Superhero, cape neatly hung for saving the world tomorrow...

Stay tuned for news of Captain America's cousin clan--Firestar, Batwoman, and the Camouflage Man!

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