Monday, May 2, 2011

A Day Painted Red

It's one of those days where, if you can't paint the town red, you can at least paint your nails...
Yes, we are going stir crazy. Feeling a little bit confined, a little bit constrained, a little bit trapped and caged.  These sorts of days bring on a serious case of the grumps.  These are the sorts of days that could magically be cured by a walk (or ride, for that matter!) to the park; but alas, we have no park to walk (or ride) to.  The best we can do is eat chocolate eggs hiding toy treasures inside, and dream of home, wherever that may be...


  1. I had this exact same thought today- to look up some nontoxic nail polish for me and my girls to have a girly activity, but alas, why not get some boy polish too- great fun for everyone.

  2. Yes! Jack loves his red nails and was showing them off proudly!