Friday, May 20, 2011

These Little Piggies went to Market

We went to market!  The Abdali Market in Amman happens every Friday, and is like a huge flea market.  The large majority of wares are used clothing, shoes, purses, and toys, but they also have some random things like cooking knives and a hodge-podge of household items.

High view overlooking the tarp-covered market area.

It was a fun experience.  The air smells rightly of must, body odor, and nose-burning smoke.  Ringing across the market is a chorus of men shouting, advertising their goods.  The light underneath reflects the color of tarp above, so you find yourself wandering through red-tinged, green-tinged, blue-tinged light, with the occasional spotlight of bright sunshine glaring through the cracks.  The different sellers' areas all blend together so that it sometimes is quite unclear who is in charge of what, and it's like an endless maze of used STUFF...most of which strikes me as, well, junk.  Especially the toys.  They have tables and tables of toys, and almost every single one of them is broken and dirty.  But, it was fun to look through and laugh at surprising finds!  Like a Taco Bell toy--who knew it existed?
anybody know what this does?
However, we did find some great treasures!  Here's a look:

"Princess" pants, 3 JD (these are new, if anyone wants some, let me know--super light, super comfy!)

twirly skirt, 2 JD
vintage cute, or out-of-date ugly? well, I like it!  3 JD
knock-off "Sharpei" markers, 0.5 JD
knock-off Armani cologne, 2 JD (the real stuff is Georgio Armani "Acqua di gio" and costs around $70 for this size)
Next on our market list is to check out the main souk (market) in downtown Amman to hunt for pretty scarves and fabric (my mind is swimming with ideas of what to use it for!).


  1. Reminds me of the market in Jerusalem :) We lived just a couple of blocks away so we went there all the time for food and other things. It took me a bit to get used to it :) Hope you do better than I did!

  2. Yes, I remember that market too--I think that one was bigger than this one, but definitely overwhelming! It's a different way to shop, for sure!

  3. Angela, I am delighted to have just discovered your blog. I have been off Facebook for a while, but sometimes I look at Brad's page. I am happy I did as I saw that you started a blog.
    I have browsed through it and will definitely keep up with it.
    I am glad you guys are doing well despite some challenges.
    I love your thoughts and it is nice to get a glimpse of your life there.

  4. By the way, I LOVE those pants.

  5. Thanks, Manuela! I think of you guys often, and hope things are going well for you.