Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fast Food Fitness

How's this for a get-in-shape plan: make a daily trip to McDonald's.

Owen had to attend a lecture with following reception tonight, so I ambitiously thought to treat Jack to a trip to McDonald's.  He's been talking about hamburgers quite often lately, but the biggest treat of the trip is the play area.  The trouble is, I always forget how L  O  N  G a walk it is until I'm committed. 

They call Amman the city of 7's more like 7 million.  You can't get anywhere without climbing at least 2 hills, twice.  I've mostly given up with trying to use the stroller; it's just too difficult.  I find it easier to carry both children and whatever baggage we acquire along the way, kind of like a pack mule, if that says anything.  Safita gets strapped on front, and Jack either hitches a "horsie" ride on my back or is slung on my hip.  Of course, I encourage him to walk as much as he wishes, but he's often overwhelmed by the chaos and opts for a ride.  It didn't help that every other car that passed (or more) was an empty taxi beeping its seductive call: "Want a ride? Let me take you somewhere."  It felt like my own small wilderness temptation, and took every ounce of willpower to keep my hand from flying out in desperate "Hail, taxi!"  With steadfast resolve, we pressed on!

A greasy cheeseburger never tasted so good, after a workout like that.  We got one double cheeseburger from the McSaver's menu; Jack ate most of it, and I had only a few nibbles.  And then he got to play.  They even had a trampoline, to his great delight!

McDonald's may yet do its part to keep me in shape!

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  1. That's hilarious :) But for some reason I always feel that fast food in other countries just seems healthier than here in the good ole' USA for some reason so I say continue the McDs!