Monday, May 16, 2011


"simply choosing to trust in Him and His unfailing goodness … all else is practical atheism"

This quote is from this blog, a link found on a friend's blog.  It strikes me where I am; it causes me deep reflection.  It's so simple, but profoundly convicting.

This is why we need each other; God teaches us through each other.  He gives us each a unique corner of the world to explore, each a unique perspective, each a network of others to know and learn from...and together, we grow and become whole.

We are like bridges to each other.  Bridges to pass along the good gifts of God; the teaching, the insights, the encouragements, the convictions.  Inviting each other to explore new ideas, new worlds that we otherwise would not know.  Alone, we wither; together, we thrive.

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